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August Pack Campout


Pack & Den Leaders

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Pack Leaders
Committee Chair
Assistant Cubmasters
Advancement Chair
Recruitment Chair
Outdoor Activity Committee
Tigers (Den 5)
Den Leader
Assistant Den Leaders
Wolves (Den 4)
Co-Den Leaders
Bears (Den 3)
Co-Den Leader
Co-Den Leader
Webelos I (Den 2)
Den Leaders
Dave Howell
Rick Guba
Heidi Tarin
James Melone
Stacey Hodgeman
John Boone
Michelle Guba
Steve Moody, Shannon Oyler
James Melone
Bryan Dolan
Joe Gerhardt
Heidi Tarin
Scott Gillham
John Boone
James Melone
Paul Frazier 
Tracy White
Dave Howell
Jeremy Francis
Vicki Gerber
Eddie Thompson