Dues Breakdown 2022-23

Dues are due in full October 11th. Venmo provides pack families a way to pay dues, and other nominal costs for camp outs, zoo overnight, etc. We also accept cash & check. Dues help cover the cost of BSA Membership, rank patches and belt loops/pins, meeting supplies, Pinewood Derby cars, etc.

New scouts will need to pay a registration fee of $25. New scouts will pay a total of $175. Optional is a $17.00 subscription for Boys Life. The magazine will arrive montly the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023.

Returning Scouts will pay $150 and $12.00 for a subscription for Boys Life for 2023.

We offer the option for dues reimbursement for popcorn sales- $10 for every $100 sold. It is possible to pay for scouting through popcorn!