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Mission Accomplished!

posted Oct 29, 2012, 10:13 AM by Unknown user
Our Space Cadets blasted off during the 2012 Pack 54 Space Derby, which was held at the Monroe Lending Library on Saturday, October 20th.  After passing a rigorous set of registration checks ("Glued, notched and has at least one hole in it? Check!"), cadets towed their space craft to the hangar bay for final inspection and maintenance prior to blast off.  Then, with their engines wound tightly and craft lined up four abreast at the starting gate, the cadets collectively and loudly counted down, "THREE... TWO... ONE... BLAST OFF!!!"  With the starting gate lowered, the space craft raced down the line to the cheers of the Cub Scouts and their families.
After a fun-filled day of racing--and some cookies and punch, of course!--the winners from each den were officially in the record books:
Tiger Den
  • 1st place: Micah T.
  • 2nd place: Zachary K.
  • 3rd place: Noah Y.
  • Cub's Choice: Owen L., Zach B. & Conner L.
Wolf Den
  • 1st place: Thomas D.
  • 2nd place: Anthony G.
  • 3rd place: Dylan G.
  • Cub's Choice: Dillon F., Jack G. & Dylan G.
Bear Den
  • 1st place: Cameron W.
  • 2nd place: Ayden S.
  • 3rd place: Sam F.
  • Cub's Choice: Zachary E., Steven H. & Ayden S.
Webelos Dens
  • 1st place: Dylan L.
  • 2nd place: Irvin H.
  • 3rd place: Chris H.
  • Cub's Choice: Ben G., Irvin H., Sam H. & Chris H.
Great job to all Scouts who participated in the 2012 Space Derby, and thanks to all members of the Space Derby Committee and all the volunteers whose efforts made this another great Pack 54 event!