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August Pack Campout

posted Aug 26, 2012, 2:05 PM by Unknown user
Last weekend, more than 80 total Cub Scouts and family members--including many Scouts new to Pack 54--gathered at the Timber Hill Park at Rentschler Forest Preserve for the Pack 54 August Campout.  Rick Guba, Pack 54 leader extraordinaire, lit the campfire with an impressive display of flame throwing, tossing balls of fire from his bare hands (don't try this at home, kids!) into the Pack 54 fire ring and bringing to life multi-colored flames to highlight the various Cub Scouts emblems.  Very Cool!!!  Scouts and their families then enjoyed many entertaining songs and skits performed by other scouts, leaders and family members.  Among the many hilarious skits was a particularly challenging one, in which I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my ninja prowess.  Unfortunately, it turns out that I'm not actually a ninja, and I ended up soaking myself from head-to-toe with the water staged by none other than Den Leader Charlie "This is my last pack campout" Beorn.  (Nervously chuckling, Charlie was later overheard saying, "I've decided not to spend the night, after all.")  Alas, we will miss Charlie's campfire songs, even if he did show me that I'm more of a "pizza man" than a "Jackie Chan."
On Saturday morning, we assembled for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs, and after raising the American flag, the Scouts headed off for a morning of activities that included a marshmallow gun range, a tough obstacle course, a scavenger hunt and a tomahawk-making station.   For lunch, we enjoyed a quick meal of hot dogs, chips and bug juice, and after we made sure to Leave No Trace by walking through the fields and campsites to collect any trash that may have been left behind by ourselves and others who came before us, we lowered the flag and broke camp.
Throughout the weekend Scouts in all dens had the opportunity to earn advancement and belt loops, make new friends, learn new campfire songs and enjoy camping in the beautiful outdoors.  Thanks to everyone who helped organize and carry out this great event, and a special thanks to our Outdoor Activities Committee for organizing the events and coordinating the meals.
Do a Good Turn Daily... Leave No Trace... and we'll see you around the campfire!